"Protoporos" stands for Pioneer

Protoporos stands for Pioneer

Pioneer (Greek translation "protoporos") in the field of turbocharger repair, as its name suggests, has the ability to hold stock just for you and ship it directly to you whenever and wherever you need it. All you have to do is write via e-mail your data along with the type and the specification of the turbocharger.

 You have the choice not to dispose the old spare parts but to send them to us. We have the ability to give you another spare part on exchange basis or repair it if it is estimated to be possible. In both cases, a storage space of your spare parts is available and they will be shipped wherever and whenever you request.

 Our Company responds dynamically on bearings supply utilizing the latest technological advancements offering new or reconditioned Bearings on direct sale or on exchange basis.  The refurbishing process includes dismantling of the bearing parts, the old Ball and Roller Bearings are discarded and the rest of the components are cleaned, measured for wear and if they prove to be suitable are reused, otherwise they are discarded.

 Protoporos Marine Turbo offers repair of your turbocharger filters. A filter operating properly can have the following advantages:

 •          Less foreign matters that are in the atmosphere and machine room enter the Turbo, causing less damage

 •          Sound isolation

 •          Higher efficiency of the Turbocharger