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Over the years, our experience has shown that in many cases the repair of a ship turbocharger is not cost efficient and, more importantly, is not reliable for the safe operation of the vessel. The engine’s turbocharger (T/C) of a vessel fails often to operate efficiently due to various reasons such as poor fuel’s composition or slow streaming. This leads to recurring repairs and increased fuel consumptions.

In these cases the best and most suitable solution is the replacement of the old turbocharger model (retrofit) with a new unit of more modern technology that results in improved fuel consumption and exhaust gas temperatures before and after the T/C. In this way, the life expectancy of the T/C also increases.

Our Company having many years of experience in the turbocharger technology and relevant developments, can undertake the upgrade the turbocharger old models with ones of latest technology.

We have present two new retrofit solutions for propulsion and generator engines  Daihatsu, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Wartsila, MAN-B&W.

  • T/C TM87-X
  • T/C TM180

Please click on the image to download the relevant brochure  with many information and technical details.